Run node as a participant
Every user can opt to participate in the consensus. To do this, you must have a running node with an account or accounts authorized in it.
To start participating in EchoRand consensus, you should add the option --account-info="\[\"account\_id\", \"echorand\_private\_key\"\]". Where account_id is ID of your account and echorand_private_key is the ED25519 key that you have been issued with.
./echo_node --rpc-endpoint="" --account-info="[\"1.2.514\", \"5KcP5uiAByA14Koo8o9eYgoPEyB6A53n57MmGMsKaMqi7wKQYiA\"]"
--account-info argument can be used multiple times to give the node access to numerous accounts.
You can also specify the private key(s) in the configuration file.
Starting from version 0.9.0, private keys can be specified via Echo console. This allows you to use private keys in a more secure manner since the keys are saved to a file in an encrypted format and a password must be provided to decrypt and use them.
Last modified 11mo ago
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