Account registration

This section will describe how to enable Registration API on your node.

Usage example can be found in the "Get Started" section.

Setup for registrar's node

Enable registration plugin and specify registrar-account.

registrar-account is the ID of account on this node whose private key should imported with account-info. They would accept registration request and create transaction to register new accounts.

In this example we will use nathan (1.2.15) account as our registrar.

Config file
./echo_node \
--plugins account_history,echorand,registration \
--registrar-account \"1.2.15\" \
--account-info [\"1.2.15\","5JjHQ1GqTbqVZLdTB3QRqcUWA6LezqA65iPJbq5craE6MRc4u9K"]
Config file
# datadir/config.ini
plugins = account_history,echorand,registration
registrar-account = "1.2.15"
account-info = ["1.2.15", "5JjHQ1GqTbqVZLdTB3QRqcUWA6LezqA65iPJbq5craE6MRc4u9K"]

Registrar account should have some ECHO asset balance to send registration transaction.