Dynamic Global Property Object

Maintains global state information (committee_member list, current fees)

This is an implementation detail. The values here are calculated during normal chain operations and reflect the current values of global blockchain properties.

class dynamic_global_property_object
uint32_t head_block_number = 0;
block_id_type head_block_id;
time_point_sec time;
time_point_sec next_maintenance_time;
time_point_sec last_maintenance_time;
uint32_t last_irreversible_block_num = 0;
uint32_t last_block_of_previous_interval = 1;
uint32_t payed_blocks_in_interval = 0;
uint64_t last_processed_btc_block = 0;
extensions_type extensions;


block_id_type is a 160-bit cryptographic hash function

share_type it's just a number with automatic checks for integer overflow and default initialization