Echo TestRPC provides separate executable designed to make testing faster and easier.
  • Transactions are applied instantly and have no cost.
  • Simplified block generation mechanism
  • Accounts can be re-cycled, reset and instantiated with a fixed amount of any asset.
  • Chain parameters and gas price can be modified.
Echo TestRPC API is based on Ethereum TestRPC protocol and extends JSON API. More details on the API can be found on TestRPC API page.
New block generates instantly after push or transaction if miner enabled. When miner is disabled blocks wouldn't be generated. Echorand consensus and block generator are disabled in TestRPC.
By-default all plugins are disabled, but can be enabled in config or program arguments. Echorand and network APIs are not supported. To enable plugin specify it in config options plugins, for example --plugins="sidechain,history". All supported APIs are always enabled. Lists of supported plugins and APIs:
  • Plugins: history, registration, sidechain, snapshot
  • APIs: login_api, block_api, database_api, history_api, asset_api, registration_api
Integrated test wallet can create accounts with specified balance during TestRPC startup. To add inital account with balance should be specifieds init-balances option. For example --init-balances=[1000, 2000, 3000]. Also available accounts option that creates additional accounts and splits all initial balance between them equally. For example --acounts=5
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