• Inability to sync node with testnet

  • Partial lack of history for contracts

  • Not all frozen balances are taken into account for verifiers selection




  • Arguments get_contract_logs and async now

  • Type argument get_btc_address account is string now

  • Rename generate_eth_address to create_eth_address

  • Updated the filter subscription contracts log

  • Rename deposit_erc20_token_object to erc20_deposit_token_object

  • Rename withdraw_erc20_token_object to erc20_withdraw_token_object

  • create_contract, call_contract get amount in string instead uint64_t

  • Rename committee_freeze_duration_seconds to committee_balance_unfreeze_duration_seconds


  • Use of passive mode in start_echorand

  • Field min_btc_deposit_withdrawal from sidechain_config

  • Field immutable_parameters from chain_property_object

  • Method get_block_rewards from database-api

  • _deposit_addresses and _intermediate_addresses from Bitcoin sidechain


  • Type option_registration_difficulty from uint8_t to uint16_t

  • Inability to withdraw all frozen balance

  • Shut down wallet when server is disconnected

  • Cycle echorand restart

  • Several of notify in set_pending_transaction_callback

  • Url presets for testnet

  • Blockchain replay doesn't use genesis


  • Implement calculation of withdrawal commission and all other fees in the Bitcoin sidechain

  • Checking bitcoin, ethereum and echo addresses in account name

  • Implement support of frozen balances in interval selector

  • Refactored history plugin. Optimized store of contract history

  • Check block cert for the BBA completion criterion

Changed data structures

Actual operation order

Actual objects order

Updated chain parameters

Updated sidechain config