• Methods from Wallet API:
    • import_accounts
    • import_account_keys
    • old_key_to_wif
  • Empty and deprecated files.


  • Refactoring describe wallet-API in code.
  • An assert in _apply_block that led to looped attempts to generate the next block.
  • Sidechain log messages.
  • Disabling unnecessary logs:
    • Added handling error JSON-RPC.
  • Minor Dockerfile fixes.
  • Transaction expiration check for head block.
  • The wallet does not end after disconnecting from the node by TLS connection:
    • Added ping pong mechanism for TLS connection.


  • Added ability to call a contract from another x86-64 contract, for x86-64 VM.
  • Refactor ECHO byte types to uint8_t.
  • Modify precompiled contract ecrecover. Returns the account that the recovered evm_address is associated with.
  • Allow users to use asset BTC and ETH on the Echo network without having a pre balance.
  • Update EVM to 1.8.0 version.

Changed data structures

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