• Mandatory passing of optional parameters in API.
  • Errors in wallet cli showing entered private data.
  • std::runtime_error during calling get_verifiable_credential in wallet cli.




  • ed_signature field from block


  • Added transaction_hash field to objects:
    • eth_address_object
    • eth_deposit_object
    • eth_withdraw_object
    • erc20_withdraw_token_object (field has optional type)
  • Added transaction_id field to objects:
    • btc_withdraw_object (field has optional type)
  • Added transaction_hash field to operations:
    • sidechain_eth_approve_address_operation
    • sidechain_eth_deposit_operation
    • sidechain_eth_approve_withdraw_operation
    • sidechain_erc20_approve_token_withdraw_operation
  • Evaluators listed below returns object_id_type. That means that ids will be listed in operation_results is transactions and blocks.
    • btc_create_intermediate_deposit_evaluator
    • btc_withdraw_evaluator
    • btc_aggregate_evaluator
    • btc_approve_aggregate_evaluator
    • eth_approve_address_evaluator
    • eth_withdraw_evaluator
    • erc20_deposit_evaluator
  • Method get_recent_transaction returning transactions from only pendings now.
  • Logic for sidechain plugin startup after syncing finished.


  • Message cache cleanup in p2p
  • Removed application of pending transactions
  • Closing and opening of database in testrpc
  • Numerous performance fixes that decreases memory consumption, increasing tps
Last modified 1yr ago