Create Account

There are two options to create an Echo account:

  • Using a public registrar.

  • Using an existing account.

In the first case, you will use the RPC API of the public registrar's node. To register through a public registrar, you must use the appropriate API method.

Details of the request you can find here:

Alternatively, using an existing account, you can register a new account by yourself by sending an account creation operation to the blockchain:‚Äč

You can also use the Echo desktop wallet. For example, Echo Blip Wallet provides both of the registration options.

Account Name Requirements

A valid account name consists of a dot-separated sequence of one or more labels, according to the following rules:

  • Each label is three characters or more.

  • Each label begins with a letter.

  • Each label ends with a letter, or digit.

  • Each label contains only letters, digits, or hyphens.

We also require the following:

  • All letters are lowercase

  • Length is between (inclusive ECHO_MIN_ACCOUNT_NAME_LENGTH (set by default to 1) and ECHO_MAX_ACCOUNT_NAME_LENGTH (set by default to 63).