How to use Bitcoin stake sidechain

If you want to use stake feature with Bitcoin tokens, you need to stake some BTC on Echo network address.

Step-by-step: 1. Generate stake address. 2. Transfer BTC to given address. 3. Wait for approvals. 4. Enjoy!

Note: there is no fee on such transactions! (except Bitcoin miner fee)

You can withdraw founds at any time. There is no timestamp or else blocking with this type of script. For more info look into section above.

Note: only you can unlock such transaction(you can use script below for that reason).

Generate stake address

For this you cat use Wallet API method create_btc_stake_address.

create_btc_stake_address nathan 03cce12c983779287b097cdba8699929f616f0fe6622b1f018e6ada1125549518b true

Get stake address

For this you cat use Wallet API method get_btc_stake_address.

>>> get_btc_stake_address nathan
"id": "1.26.0",
"account": "1.2.26",
"stake_script": "76a9146334edf1175678f7905763e6b24361ab998aa23288ac52755675",
"p2sh_address": "2N92ShU1GRnkMwMtqN86WVUEw5NwjXrJYHC",
"extensions": []

stake_script is modified P2PKH script:

  • scriptPubKey: OP_DUP OP_HASH160 <pubkey hash> OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG <digit from the instance> OP_DROP ... <digit from the instance> OP_DROP

  • scriptSig: <sig> <pubkey> <stake_script>

<digit from the instance> - is digit from instance id of account (for 1.2.16 it will be 1 and 6)


  • nathan have 1.2.26 ID

  • nathan used public key 03cce12c983779287b097cdba8699929f616f0fe6622b1f018e6ada1125549518b (hash160(pubkey) = 6334edf1175678f7905763e6b24361ab998aa232)

So he got stake_script = OP_DUP OP_HASH160 6334edf1175678f7905763e6b24361ab998aa232 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG OP_2 OP_DROP OP_6 OP_DROP

Unlock such script after sending funds

For this you can use bitcoin-utils Python library.

Example of script, that generates spent transaction.


  • nathan have 1.2.26 ID

  • nathan used private key cRissuViCFcDHkqsDZ8LekVPNpJS8WajToQVF6wsfEV1eRojak8g

  • nathan used public key 03cce12c983779287b097cdba8699929f616f0fe6622b1f018e6ada1125549518b

  • nathan sent 25 BTC to 2N92ShU1GRnkMwMtqN86WVUEw5NwjXrJYHC

from bitcoinutils.setup import setup
from bitcoinutils.utils import to_satoshis
from bitcoinutils.transactions import Transaction, TxInput, TxOutput
from bitcoinutils.keys import P2pkhAddress, P2shAddress, PrivateKey
from bitcoinutils.script import Script
def main():
# always remember to setup the network
# create transaction input from tx id of UTXO (contained 0.1 tBTC)
txin = TxInput('28cfd7b592e6d3cc87e28071c3a0b134e0a5f8243ca7e438e1051c618c11129d', 0)
# secret key needed to spend P2PK that is wrapped by P2SH
p2pk_sk = PrivateKey('cRissuViCFcDHkqsDZ8LekVPNpJS8WajToQVF6wsfEV1eRojak8g')
p2pk_pk = p2pk_sk.get_public_key().to_hex()
# create the redeem script - needed to sign the transaction
redeem_script = Script(['OP_DUP', 'OP_HASH160', '6334edf1175678f7905763e6b24361ab998aa232', 'OP_EQUALVERIFY', 'OP_CHECKSIG', 'OP_2', 'OP_DROP', 'OP_6', 'OP_DROP'])
to_addr = P2pkhAddress('n4bkvTyU1dVdzsrhWBqBw8fEMbHjJvtmJR')
txout = TxOutput(to_satoshis(24.99), to_addr.to_script_pub_key() )
# create transaction from inputs/outputs -- default locktime is used
tx = Transaction([txin], [txout])
# print raw transaction
print("\nRaw unsigned transaction:\n" + tx.serialize())
# use the private key corresponding to the address that contains the
# UTXO we are trying to spend to create the signature for the txin -
# note that the redeem script is passed to replace the scriptSig
sig = p2pk_sk.sign_input(tx, 0, redeem_script )
# set the scriptSig (unlocking script)
txin.script_sig = Script([sig, p2pk_pk, redeem_script.to_hex()])
signed_tx = tx.serialize()
# print raw signed transaction ready to be broadcasted
print("\nRaw signed transaction:\n" + signed_tx)
print("\nTxId:", tx.get_txid())
if __name__ == "__main__":